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Lightning Safety in Youth Sports in the News


For those of you that follow A4IA on Facebook you'll know that lightning safety has been a popular topic in the news after three y... read more

It Takes a Village


It’s fall, it’s football season and it’s the time of year when most of the United States is more aware about the... read more

How Hydrated are You?


It sounds like a simple question, “How hydrated are you?”, but is it? Do you know how you can check your hydration lev... read more

Overuse and Burnout in Youth Athletes


Overuse injuries and burnout in sports is not catastrophic in the same way as SCA, neck injuries and EHS have the potential to be,... read more

The State of Youth Sport Safety


Taking inspiration of the recent State of Union Address I thought I would take some time to scour the Internet to see what types o... read more

How Does Your School Stack Up on Sports Safety?


The intention of this week’s post is to help parents understand how to assess how safe their child’s school is when it... read more

Condition Highlight: Commotio Cordis


The calendar has turned to January bringing a new year and the beginning of spring sport seasons for many (especially at the colle... read more