A4IA Board of Directors

John Rogers

MD , Medical Director of Advocates for Injured Athletes

John Rogers is a practicing physician at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, CA who specializes in cardiovascular disease and, specifically, "cardiac sudden death;" with additional expertise in electrophysiology. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Rogers is a board member of the San Diego Rescue Mission, a nonprofit organization committed to assisting the homeless in transition. He is also an active member of Research Associates, an auxiliary of the Point Loma Nazarene University Alumni Association. Dr. Rogers received his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School.

David Knowles

PhD, Vice President & General Manager, TCZ Display Products Group

Prior to his current position at TCZ Display Products Group, a Cymer company, Dr. Knowles was a founder and CEO of TCZ, a startup company working with flat panel displays. He previously served in other executive roles in engineering and marketing. Dr. Knowles received a BS from Cornell University and a PhD in Physics from M.I.T.

Tommy Mallon

Founder, Advocates for Injured Athletes

Tommy Mallon is now a graduate student at the University of San Diego. He has turned
 his career ending injuries into powerful lessons to help educate athletes, coaches, and parents about the need for better education and care on the sidelines. As
 an ASA Ambassador, Tommy tells his story at ASA programs and has been featured in many local and national news stories. He has worked with neurologists and neurosurgeons to create a local hospital concussion education program and helped to create an educational video for the ASA curriculum.

Riki Kirchhoff


Riki Kirchhoff is a Certified Athletic Trainer with experience in both college and high school settings. She recently received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is employed by Longevity Physical Therapy in San Diego, CA. She holds a BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis on athletic training from San Diego State University

Michelle Klein

Treasurer, Advocates for Injured Athletes

Prior to joining A4IA, Michelle Klein was a Program Manager for Qualcomm's wireless applications division. Previously, Ms. Klein was a Software Engineer for the financial industry at NCR. In addition to A4IA, Ms. Klein currently serves as a committee chair for the Christini Fund, a nonprofit, charitable organization supporting Mitochondrial Disease research. Ms. Klein holds an MS in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

Beth Mallon

Founder and Director of Advocates for Injured Athletes

Prior to co founding A4IA with her son, Tommy, Beth Mallon was a professional photographer who specialized in pet photography, with a particular focus on innovating projects to raise awareness and funding for animal cruelty and rescue efforts. Prior to that, Ms. Mallon’s career was focused on preventive healthcare. She was a Technical Sales Manager for Baxter Healthcare and previous to her position at Baxter, she worked as the Senior Clinical Coordinator of Scripps Hospital’s Center for Executive Health. She holds an MS in Exercise Science with a specialty in cardiac rehabilitation from the University of Arizona.