Founding ASA Team

Riki Kirchhoff

Certified Athletic Trainer/ Physical Therapist

Certified Athletic Trainer who was working on the sidelines the day Tommy Mallon was catastrophically injured playing lacrosse. Thanks to Riki and her accurate evaluation of the injury, Tommy is alive and neurologically intact. Riki is now helping Advocates for Injured Athletes champion youth sports safety.

Riki's Message:

“Athletic Trainers are physical medicine specialists who provide recognition of, and on-site emergency care for catastrophic events. AT’s help keep your athletes safe”.

Tommy Mallon

Co-Founder of A4IA & Head, Neck and Concussion Ambassador

A former high school student athlete from San Diego, CA who received a catastrophic cervical spine fracture and serious concussion in his last high school lacrosse game. Thanks to his teammate and Riki, the athletic trainer, he is lucky to be alive and is now helping to educate student athletes about the signs and symptoms of concussion, and head and neck injuries.

Tommy's Message:

“My life was saved and I am trying to help educate student athletes by telling
my story. If an athlete has a suspected neck injury proceed with caution and get help. Understanding and recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussion may help the athlete understand why it is important to completely heal before returning to play.”

Brittan Sutphin

ASA Sudden Cardiac Arrest Ambassador

A former nationally ranked high school tennis player from Denver, Colorado who suffered sudden cardiac arrest while swimming. Fortunately thanks to the rapid response of her teammate and her coach and the availability of an AED (automated external defibrillator) she survived and is now helping to educate student athletes about sudden cardiac arrest and the value of learning CPR and the function of an AED.

Brittan's Message:

“If an athlete suffers from cardiac arrest without immediate CPR and treatment from a defibrillator, an estimated 90% to 95% of SCA victims die. Learning CPR and understanding the purpose and function of an AED may make the difference between life and death for an athlete who suffers from sudden cardiac arrest.”

William James

ASA Heat Illness Ambassador

A former high school football player from Little Rock , AR who collapsed and nearly died from Exertional Heat Stroke. Will survived thanks to the actions of his athletic trainer who immediately activated the emergency action plan for cooling an athlete who has suffered a suspected heat stroke. Will tells his story to help educate athletes on signs and symptoms of heat illness.

Will's Message:

“According to medical experts, heat illness is 100% preventable. Learning to hydrate, acclimatize and avoid intense exercise during the hottest part of the day may help prevent heat illness.”

Nolan Crosson

ASA Diabetic Ambassador

A former high school lacrosse player and avid surfer from San Diego, CA who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was four years old. Nolan now tests his blood sugar frequently and uses an insulin pump instead of injections. Nolan helps educate student athletes about living with an autoimmune disease.

Nolan's Message:

“For an athlete with diabetes, having some type of medical crisis is a matter of when, not if. Diabetics don’t always realize they are in danger when having a blood sugar reaction. By telling my story, I hope to raise awareness for other diabetic athletes.”