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Helmetless Tackling Training (HuTT): Training Designed to Minimize Head Impacts


To play or not to play? This continues to be the question for many parents with children who participate in contact sports known for a higher risk of concussions.  It is not j... read more

What Makes Reliable Information and How Do I Fact Check It


Each time I post a blog I work hard to provide research articles and other sources that are reliable. With the increasing ease of finding and creating knowledge it’s getting ... read more

Entry-Level Degree for Athletic Trainers to Transition to a Master's Degree


Athletic training (AT) education is transitioning to a graduate level (master’s) degree for all future entry-level athletic trainers. Some programs have already transitioned whil... read more

E-Cigarette Use a Trend for Athletes and Non-athletes Alike


Technically known as electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDS), they are more commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, vape pens or vape sticks[1]. The process of smoking e-... read more

May is Mental Health Month and How’s Your Health?


If someone asked you, “How’s your health?”, do you even consider your mental health? Or, do you automatically think about your physical health? Complete health and wellness e... read more

License California Athletic Trainers: An Open Letter to Governor Newsome and California Legislature


I’d like to start with a story that speaks to every parent’s worst fear.“By mid-afternoon on August 1, 2017, the temperature in Stockton, Calif. was at least 105 degrees. Thi... read more

Athletes and Plant-Based Nutrition


For years, most athletes believed it impossible to eat a plant-based diet and be successful, especially at the elite level. Eating a plant-based diet has gained more popularity in ... read more

The Season of Gratitude


I’m sitting here writing this month’s blog thinking, “I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone.” With that in mind, I thought I’d do somet... read more

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute (NHMI) Continues as ASA Approved Provider


The NHMI is dedicated to advancing knowledge in musculoskeletal care and sports medicine and to promoting and providing a safe sports environment for athletes. As part of that... read more

CDC Presents Pediatric mTBI Guidelines


Whether you call it a concussion or a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), just don’t call it “getting your bell rung.” In some ways what we know about concussions... read more

Public Health Spotlight: Food Insecurity


Each month as I write this blog I work to highlight issues and ideas that I think will be appreciated by a wide range of readers – athletic trainers, parents, athletes and at... read more

Athlete Safety Legislation Progressing in Sacramento


Back in February A4IA posted a summary of the latest progress on AT licensure in California.  At that time, titled, AB 1510, was stalled in committee when the bill needed a ne... read more

Sports Medicine Primer: Lyme Disease


This month's focus is on Lyme disease, or better yet the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, typically carried by ticks.  It is very likely that living in California Lyme disea... read more

Caffeine as a Dietary Supplement Halted by FDA


Caffeine has been a topic of this blog previously as part of a conversation about the safety energy drinks for teens. Caffeine is back in the news again, declared illegal in bulk q... read more

Compassionate Care for All: Including Ourselves


March is National Athletic Training Month. This year’s tagline, “compassionate care for all” highlights how athletic trainers are expected to provide care to pati... read more

Licensing Athletic Trainers in California: Will 2018 be the Year?


CURRENT STATUS OF AT LICENSURE IN CALIFORNIA: It’s a new year and it’s a new attempt to gain licensure for athletic trainers in California. AB 1510 had made it to commi... read more

Sports Medicine Primer: Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA)


THE BACTERIUM: Staphylococcus aureus is a natural bacterium in human hosts that can also cause a broad spectrum of disease. Populations that are reported to have increased risk of ... read more

Getting Through: As published in T&C


This month I had the privilege of writing about Advocates for Injured Athletes and the Athletes Saving Athletes(TM) education program for the trade publication, Training & Cond... read more

Health & Safety Policy Rankings for High School Athletics: A Closer Look


The Korey Stringer Institute recently released results of a study that was designed “to provide an assessment of the implementation of health and safety policies pertaining t... read more

Fall Sport Pre-Season is Starting Soon – Are you Ready?


Disclaimer: The content contained in this blog is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or trea... read more