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Cardiac Screening for All Children, Not Just Athletes


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has officially published the updated, Sudden Death in the Young: Information for the Primary Care Provider.  Announced in June, this u... read more

Transgender Affirming Health Care in Sports Medicine


OPENING STORY: Brandeis assistant athletic trainer Mandy Nicoles shares how she became an advocate for transgender athletes very early in her career.  Her first job ... read more

NATM 2021: Athletic Trainers are Essential to Health Care


Happy National Athletic Training Month!  Given all that has happened over the last year or so I encourage all athletic trainers to stop, take a deep breath, and pat yourself o... read more

Resilience Training: Strength Training for the Mind


It seems there is still much to be done to create a post-pandemic world. The calendar has turned the page, but the infection rates and death toll continue to rise, especially in Ca... read more

Position Statements from 2020 You May have Missed


It seems like nearly every blog I've written since March has somehow connected to COVID-19 and it's impact on sports at all levels.  As I thought about what to write this mont... read more

Athletic Trainers Get a Front Row Seat to Athlete Activism Around Social Justice


In 2020 COVID-19 is not the only challenge that athletic trainers have faced.  Discussions of inequality and social justice have also dominated the news cycle nearly as much a... read more

Athletic Trainer Shortage or a Shortage of Commitment to Athletic Trainers?


I recently posted an article on the A4IA Facebook page titled, A year after tragedy, Hillsborough facing shortage of trainers for high schools” and it was one of A4IA's most ... read more

Sidelined USA Works to Support Permanently-Sidelined Athletes


Many of you reading this blog are familiar with Advocates for Injured Athletes' (A4IA) tireless effort to push for the presence of athletic trainers at athletic events and practice... read more

Staying Engaged in a Time of Social Distancing


It's been over a month since stay-at-home orders have been issued by Gov. Newsom.  The latest reports suggests we'll need to continue for at least another month before Califor... read more

Health Care Through Action: 5 Reminders During the Pandemic


Health Care Through Action has taken on an entirely new meaning as March has progressed.  It is suddenly much bigger than National Athletic Training Month, it’s about be... read more

A New Year, a New Bill Number and a Renewed Push for AT Licensure in California


At around this same time last year bill AB 1592 was just starting to wind its way through the California legislative process.  It appeared that the efforts made by the Califor... read more

Helmetless Tackling Training (HuTT): Training Designed to Minimize Head Impacts


To play or not to play? This continues to be the question for many parents with children who participate in contact sports known for a higher risk of concussions.  It is not j... read more

What Makes Reliable Information and How Do I Fact Check It


Each time I post a blog I work hard to provide research articles and other sources that are reliable. With the increasing ease of finding and creating knowledge it’s getting ... read more

Entry-Level Degree for Athletic Trainers to Transition to a Master's Degree


Athletic training (AT) education is transitioning to a graduate level (master’s) degree for all future entry-level athletic trainers. Some programs have already transitioned whil... read more

E-Cigarette Use a Trend for Athletes and Non-athletes Alike


Technically known as electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDS), they are more commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, vape pens or vape sticks[1]. The process of smoking e-... read more

May is Mental Health Month and How’s Your Health?


If someone asked you, “How’s your health?”, do you even consider your mental health? Or, do you automatically think about your physical health? Complete health and wellness e... read more

License California Athletic Trainers: An Open Letter to Governor Newsome and California Legislature


I’d like to start with a story that speaks to every parent’s worst fear.“By mid-afternoon on August 1, 2017, the temperature in Stockton, Calif. was at least 105 degrees. Thi... read more

Athletes and Plant-Based Nutrition


For years, most athletes believed it impossible to eat a plant-based diet and be successful, especially at the elite level. Eating a plant-based diet has gained more popularity in ... read more

The Season of Gratitude


I’m sitting here writing this month’s blog thinking, “I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone.” With that in mind, I thought I’d do somet... read more

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute (NHMI) Continues as ASA Approved Provider


The NHMI is dedicated to advancing knowledge in musculoskeletal care and sports medicine and to promoting and providing a safe sports environment for athletes. As part of that... read more