For those of you that follow A4IA on Facebook you'll know that lightning safety has been a popular topic in the news after three young children were struck by lightning during youth sport activities.  Oak Hill Youth Sports Association is now looking more closely at their lightning emergency action plan.  Here are a series of articles related to these events:

Three Children Hospitalized After Lightning Strike in Bee Cave

Parents Sue After Lightning Strikes Son

Youth Sport Group Reviews Safety Policy After Lightning Strikes

If these stories have you wondering what your group's emergency action plan is when it comes to lightning safety then you should check out this previous blog post from May 2013.  It discusses all the major points that should be covered in a safety plan and recommends additional resources for your review.

Protecting Yourself in the Summer:  Lightning Safety

For those of you who want to learn more about lightning injuries you can check this previous post:

Lightning Safety Week

Make sure you know how to respond in a lightning emergency and make sure your young athletes do as well!